[panel title=”Es Trenc“]

Paradise of water and sand  ,… Cala Galiota wiht Cassai Beach House

Finca Hotel rural Es Turó is situated just 5 kilometers from Es Trenc, one of the most famous beaches of Mallorca due to it´s long stretches of dazzling sand and crystal clear waters. With just under 4 kilometers, this beach belonging to the town of Campos is categorized as a natural reserve and protected land because on it´s virgin sands you can only find very few beach services and curiously enough, several post-war bunkers. The beach also has a nudist zone. Further inland there is a long stretch of forest and brush that leads into gorgeous pine trees.

The name trenc originates from the word trencar which means break and refers to the canal that breaks the coastline draining the flow of inland lagoons. The quality of the water, the tranquility and the long stretches of sand make it one of the best options for a swim in the sea in Mallorca.


[panel title=”Colonia Sant Jordi“]

Colonia de Sant Jordi belonging to the district of Ses Salines is one of the most popular summer destinations for Mallorcan families. Years ago, the population was comprised mainly of a small group of fishermen. Now in day there is a wide array of opportunities to enjoy the local gastronomy and partake in leisurely activities. Many ships headed to the archipelago of Cabrera depart from Colonia de Sant Jordi. On the ships, an interpreter serves as a tour guide and explains the great ecological value of this National Park.


[panel title=”Marine Land National Park of Cabrera“]

The archipelago of Cabrera is a small paradise that was declared a National Park in 1991. It is a formation of 18 islands, however, Cabrera is the only island that is accessible. The range of the land is mainly mountainous and austere. The coastline is composed mainly of large cliffs, some larger than a 100 meters in altitude, and softened by coves of turquoise waters. The land has many species of seabirds and lizards but one of the most surpising species found lives underwater: the Posidonia meadows almost touch the shoreline and offers the view of an infinite array of different fishes. This creates an absolute paradise for fish lovers. The island also boast a tremendous castle from the XIV century.


[panel title=”National Park of Mondrago“]

Less than 20 kilometers from the hotel one is able to stumble upon Mondrago, an exceptionally beautiful series of virgin coves recognized as a National Park. The most notable coves are Sa Barca Trencada, which is close to Portopetro, and more towards the south is Calo des Borgit.

A small path links with the cove of Ses Fonts de n´Alis, a spectacular large stretch of sand behind which one discovers a stream that has created a large wetland. This wetland is of great ecological interest and value. In the ideal National Park of Mondrago, one can also discover S´Amador. SÁmador is a virgen cove with completely transparent waters and pine trees.